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Prolific Murderer - Harold Jones?

Further to the B.B.C. 4 documentary Dark Son - The Hunt for a Serial Killer being broadcast nationally at 9.00 pm on Tuesday February 12.  South Wales Police are actively pursuing forensic opportunities to link Abertillery-born Jones to the murder of 12 year-old Swansea school-girl Muriel Joan Drinkwater, 3 months after he left the army in 1946. A third cold-case team are actively researching Jones' possible involvement in the murder of Ignac Ulycz in Putney in August 1965. See information below from my book "Who Was Jack the Stripper? The Hammersmith Nudes' Murders."(At 10.45 pm on Sunday 15 August 1965, Mr Ignac Ulycz was fatally stabbed outside his own front gate at 323 Upper Richmond Road Putney...........Maddalena Ulycz told the police the assailant was between 50 and 60 years old. (Jones was 59.) Another witness said that the attacker had run around the corner into Colinette Road and just seemed to vanish into thin air. (Jones had been living in 20 Colinette Road.)The Wandsworth Boro' News of Friday 24 September 1965 reported on the inquest into the death of Mr Ulycz.........."The man who killed Mr Ulycz........may have been insane or a psychopath who every now and again feels the desire to attack someone in this way" suggests the Coroner Mr Gavin Thurston.)The fact has now emerged that Jones was living at 20 Colinette Road Putney using the name Harry Stevens while AT THE SAME TIME registered as living at 51 Aldensley Road Hammersmith under the name Harry Jones.

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Read with children!

Do you remember a character from a childhood book as fondly as an old friend?If you do, you’ll know the magic of being able to slip into another world as and when you need to, or how books can make your world a bigger, brighter place.For bookworms especially, it’s hard to believe that anyone could see reading as anything other than empowering, or even just a pleasure. For the third of children from disadvantaged areas who leave primary school without being able to read well, often it’s nothing but a chore.That’s why we like to turn up on the doorstep, with a backpacks full of books, two little stools, and a pair of volunteers who know that words take you places. Every week, come rain or shine, our volunteers bring the magic of reading directly into families’ homes every week, in low-income areas across London.Doorstep Library volunteers don’t just read stories; they do the silly voices, handpick the books, and give special recommendations. By making it fun first, we get to watch children transform into budding readers. We love when parents get stuck in with the sessions too and encourage them to get involved in their children’s education.Sometimes though, we’re just there to give a bit of extra support, whether we’re passing on info about a family activity, lending an ear, or even just being a friendly face. Then, before we go, we leave behind a selection of books for each child to borrow for the week.If this sounds like the role for you, these are the basics. We run projects on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in estates across Westminster, Hammersmith and Fulham and Lambeth.In Hammersmith and Fulham, we start at 3.45pm and finish at 6.30pm. If you'd like to know more contact Daniela Cardoso at

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Kensington to Hounslow corridor

Over the last 5 years there has been massive construction of private apartments along the corridor from Kensington to Hounslow, such that currently, during the morning and evening extended rush hours being able to get on a bus has become more and more difficult.On this route, the access to the Piccadilly line to get to Heathrow has escalator/lift access at only Hammersmith and East/West Hounslow. This means that disabled people, those who suffer from claustrophobia and those with heavy baggage in this area, are forced to use a taxi, at a cost of £20 - £40. When the matter has been raised over the last few years with TFL, the ongoing excuse is that it would make the route too long!  So if that is the case, would TFL give consideration to introducing a new service to start, when the N9 stops its extension during the day, known as an EXPRESS service 9 (X9) running during the day and only stopping at centres of commercial areas with many other local bus services, or underground, serving as a feeder service. This would have a considerable number of benefits for all users plus those who want to travel long distances on the existing services, being able to travel quicker than staying on the local bus service, as with the 607 along Uxbridge RoadPROPOSED BUS STOPSHammersmith Bus Station, (Start point of service) Stop BTurnham Green Church Stop DD/CVBrentford High Street Stop BL/BNIsleworth Stop FHounslow West Station Stop AHeathrow Central Bus Station Stand 19Heathrow T5 Stand 6All these stops are on the existing N9 service route.BONUSWith ongoing problem of existing road congestion, and the construction of the new runway, it is forecast that there will be considerable delays in the local area. As a case in point on the morning of 9 November I went to collect a passenger from T3 and it took 1 HOUR to get from the junction with the M4 into Terminal 3! In the event that these sorts of congestion arise again, the Local TFL area manager can decide to turn the bus around at Hounslow West station, thus allowing passengers for Heathrow to transfer onto the Piccadilly line into LHR.If you support this concept for an additional service, every concerned person would be gratefully appreciated. To do this, please send an email to your MP and London assembly representative.  Please also put any ideas that make the idea more relevant, and then post them to the forum.'See where you can find details of you MP and for your GLA representative. When posting your support, copy and paste the above leaving the last paragraph off the paste.

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B.B.C. Documentary.

B,B.C. 2 Wales at 9.00 pm on January 12. For viewers with Sky and Freeview it can also be seen on the same date and time. Otherwise for viewers throughout the U.K it can be viewed at 9.00pm pm on B.B.C.4 on January 22.                                                                                                                             It is the biggest unsolved serial murder case in British criminal history - the so-called 'Jack the Stripper' murders took place in Swinging Sixties London.Six women lost their lives to a killer who was never caught. Criminologist Professor David Wilson leads an investigation to unmask the killer, who claimed more victims than even his notorious Victorian namesake, Jack the Ripper.Professor Wilson and his investigative team - which includes former detective Jackie Malton and forensic psychologist Professor Mike Berry - begin their hunt for the killer not in London, but 150 miles away in Abertillery, South Wales. In 1921, the Welsh mining town was devastated by the double murder of two schoolgirls when eight-year-old Freda Brunell and 11-year-old Florence Little were killed just weeks apart by a local boy 15-year-old Harold Jones, who the Abertillery residents still refer to as their 'Dark Son'.Those murders - especially the sadistic nature of their deaths, and the treatment of the bodies afterwards - have eerie parallels with the 'Jack the Stripper' murders. Could Harold Jones the boy killer really have matured in later life into a serial killer?To test this theory, the team revisit the scenes of the murders in west London. They use contemporary policing techniques such as geographical and offender profiling to see if the crimes of Jones the boy can be measured against those of Jack the Stripper. And from the outset, it becomes apparent there are many chilling similarities.

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Memorial Service.

On Saturday 4 August 2018 at 2.00pm, a memorial service is being held in the Metropole Theatre, Abertillery, South Wales for two Abertillery murder victims, 8 year-old Freda Burnell and 11 year-old Florence Little who were killed in Abertillery in 1921.Their killer, Harold Jones a.k.a Harry Stevens lived in Fulham, Putney and Hammersmith between 1946 and 1971 when he died. With a choir and town band performing at the memorial service there is expected to be over 250 people attending. There will be an expected 50 members of the 2 girls' family members attending from various parts of Britain. After the service there will be a re-dedication of the 2 girls' memorials at Brynithel Cemetery.Over the past 7 months, myself, Councillors Gill Clark and Julie Holt have raised nearly £3,400.00 towards the cost of restoring the 2 dilapidated memorials. We are still about £200 short of paying the memorial mason who has done the work at cost price and about £300 short of printing 260 memorial service programmes. These will consist of 8 pages each.We have now been given a donation to book the Metropole Theatre for the event. We  have also been kindly offered a donation of £300 towards the cost a buffet that will be held in the Metropole later in the afternoon.If anyone would like to consider making a donation for this worthy cause please contact me on 07989555376 or n.milkin@sky.comPlease google Florence Little/Freda Burnell  or Harold Jones - Killer for more information.Regards.Neil Milkins

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National Health Service breakdown and privatization: "Sustainability and Transformation Plans"

I'm deeply concerned that in the build up to the General Election there has been little discussion about the disastrous changes to the NHS being proposed by the local Sustainability and Transformation Plan, the "North West London STP" which covers 8 boroughs from Westminster to Hillingdon. These plans for the 44 "footprint" regions of England and Wales have been made in a secretive manner, with very little public information and are nothing more than plans to slash, trash and privatise our NHS.           But most worrying are large private healthcare companies and their lobbyists, such as Virgin Care and American healthcare companies including UnitedHealth, the previous employer of Simon Stevens CEO of the NHS, which will chase the UK's expenditure through the NHS using the Health and Social Care Act 2012. This pressure will inexorably lead to the American model of healthcare management which causes 50% of personal bankruptcies each year in the US. All the STPs call for "Accountable Care Organisations/Systems", a term which Americans recognise only too well. This system with low fixed budgets will be screwed down so that it does not meet the public need and it will turn the health provision in England and Wales into a two tier health system where the rich will pay and the rest of us will be left with a very poor, minimal NHS, like the American Medicare/Medicaid system.         I would urge all readers to contact their candidates and let them know that the public will not stand for the destruction of the NHS and all MPs must reject the STPs and reject the move to Accountable Care Organisations. These "new models of care" will end the NHS as a comprehensive service that provides the full range of care to all who need it, free at the point of need and fully accountable to the public (private companies will hide their waste as well as their profits).               Readers can find their candidates on the website.

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