City 'Superwoman' Nicola Horlick to Stand for Lib Dems in Chelsea and Fulham

She says: 'We must fight against Brexit and restore order to Government'

Nicola out with Lib Dem campaigners in Parsons Green

The Lib Dems have announced that City 'superwoman' Nicola Horlick is to stand for election in Chelsea and Fulham.

Nicola, 58, who lives in Barnes, became well known in the 1990s for managing to combine a successful City career with being the mother of six children.

After spending over 30 years as a leading fund manager, she now runs a crowdfunding service called Money & Co.

Making the announcement on her website Nicola said: " I have to take a stand after the extraordinary events of the last few weeks. We must fight against Brexit and restore order to government after the chaos created by the Conservatives.

"The last three years have been totally absorbed by the Conservative party tearing itself apart and having no clear vision for the country outside of Brexit. It has taken all the bandwidth of Parliament, governing the country has gone on hold, and the business of running the country has been forgotten in favour of first Theresa May and now Boris Johnson trying to hold their party together and fend off Nigel Farage.

"The things that really matter to the people of Chelsea and Fulham, and the country have been ignored. Labour seems to be even more confused over Brexit. Only the Liberal Democrats can fix the mess."

She adds that she has supported the Liberal Democrats all her life and, like her sense of social justice, it’s in her blood. Her father was Michael Gayford, a Lib Dem candidate in the 1970s for the Wirral constituency, and Nicola grew up in a family steeped in political debate.

The announcement comes as a prediction on the outcome of a contest for Chelsea and Fulham is pointing to the possibility of a shock victory for the Liberal Democrats.

The projection is made by Flavible based on national polling by YouGov which is then extrapolated using local demographic information.

Last time out, Conservative Greg Hands won with a majority of over 8,000 winning over half the votes cast. However, the constituency is strongly Remain, with 70% voting against Brexit in the referendum, and Mr Hands could now face a backlash after switching his position to back leaving the EU.

He said: "I am looking forward to seeing off Nicola Horlick. The Lib Dems were way behind in third place last time and a vote for Horlick risks a Corbyn government, which would be a disaster for Chelsea and Fulham."

Nicola said: " Greg Hands has acted as a willing accomplice. He knows what’s going on behind the black door of No. 10 and has failed to represent the views of his constituents who have always wanted to remain. He thinks he has a job for life as the Tory MP for Chelsea & Fulham.

“What I’m hearing on the doorsteps, on the tube and in the shops is that the people of Chelsea & Fulham are fed up with his complacency and furious at the direction Greg Hands and his party are taking the country. No-one voted for a no deal Brexit and the majority in Chelsea & Fulham want to remain.

"As Liberal Democrats we stand on an unreservedly Stop Brexit platform. Unlike Labour, we’re absolutely committed to revoking Article 50 if we form a government and to have a People’s Vote with an option to remain."

H&F Lib Dems said: " Get ready for fireworks as Nicola is set to give Tory Remainer-turned-Brexiter Greg Hands a run for his money. Greg Hands seemed rattled today on hearing the news, immediately posting several tweets trying to discredit Nicola. He should be worried, as an MP who has repeatedly failed to represent his constituents in this 70% Remain-voting seat and even refusing to condemn the unlawful prorogation of Parliament.

"With the latest polling figures showing Labour trailing us in 3rd place, there's everything to play for.

"In Nicola, we have a formidable candidate - an experienced businesswoman and a strong advocate for the NHS, who is passionately committed to stopping Brexit. The former fund manager and mother of six lives in Barnes and works in Hammersmith, and will be a fantastic advocate for the area.With a strong campaign team behind her, and with our team of committed local volunteers in both Chelsea & Fulham and Hammersmith & Fulham, Nicola could surprise many here."

Locally, the Lib Dems did well in last month's by-election in Fulham Broadway ward, surging to second place behind Labour's Helen Rowbottom with over 30% of the vote.

The Labour candidate in Chelsea and Fulham is Matthew Uberoi, who is Community Project Manager at Chelsea Theatre and a councillor in Sands End ward.

October 4, 2019