City Tree Aims To Be Breath of Fresh Air for Lyric Square

Air-filtering moss using biotech to reduce pollution

he City Tree's moss-filled panels absorb polluted air and blow out fresh, clean and cooled air
The City Tree's moss-filled panels absorb polluted air and blow out fresh air

A new air filtering system using ground-breaking biotech has been installed in the centre of Hammersmith

A ‘City Tree’ has been installed in Lyric Square, where its moss-filled panels absorb polluted air from Beadon Road and King Street and blow out fresh, clean air the other side.

The distinctive honeycomb structure is one of the first in London.

“Our brilliant City Tree is already drawing attention for its distinctive appearance, but its best feature is its ability to pump out clean air where we need it most,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for Environment.

“We’re investing in the most innovative technologies to clean our air and make the borough greener and more pleasant.”

The City Tree technology was created in Germany by Greencity Solutions. While the technology is used in several cities across Europe, H&F is one of the first areas in London to use them.

The City Tree has eight panels covered in different kinds of moss. Those panels sit in front of eight powered fans. The moss panels absorb and digest particulate matter – like the small molecules found in car exhaust fumes – while pumping out oxygen-rich cleaned air.

The moss also has a cooling effect, by using the large surface area of the moss panels to store and evaporate large amounts of water in the air.

The intelligent ventilation technology filters the equivalent of 7,000 peoples’ breathing every hour removing up to 80 per cent of fine dust.

December 18, 2020