Jail for Cashpoint Fraudsters Arrested in W14

They possessed fake ATM covers so well made they looked genuine

Two men who were caught in Dunsany Road in W14 with items used in cashpoint fraud have been sent to jail.

The men appeared in custody at Isleworth Crown Court on Friday, 6 February where they were both found guilty of possession of article to use in fraud.

Kejanana Moorthy Rajeskana, 43 of Streatham Road, Mitcham was sentenced to nine months and his accomplice
Iyathuraipillai Suthakaran, 40, of Elmhurst Avenue, Mitcham was sentenced to ten months in jail.

The court heard how officers on routine patrol stopped Rajeskana and Suthakaran at midnight on 24 November 2013 sitting inside a parked vehicle on Dunsany Road, London W14.

Both gave different reasons for sitting inside the vehicle so late into the night. Officers suspected them of going equipped to commit a burglary and searched them.

Inside the vehicle they found a bag containing a number of grey metal casings with pinholes drilled through them and magnets attached on one side. They also found a number of hand tools, mobile phones and a bank card in a different name.

The officers realised that the casings were created to hide a camera which will then be attached to the top of an ATM which would record the card number and PIN of unsuspecting users.

They were both arrested and later charged with possession of article to use in fraud.

PC Henh Song from Hammersmith and Fulham Borough police, said: "Rajeskana and Suthakaran had in their possession fake ATM covers which were so well made that they looked genuine. Their plan was to replace the ATM covers in the middle of the night so their fake covers will record the victim's card and PIN numbers.

"I would like to remind members of the public to be mindful of suspicious groups loitering around ATM's and to examine the ATM carefully, especially the top part that could conceal any micro cameras before using it.

" If in doubt do not use the machine and report it by call the number displayed on the machine or inform a bank staff."

February 16, 2015