Burglar Arrested in W6 Sent Back to Jail

Bond caught with crime tools two days after release from jail

A man caught with tools frequently used by burglars to slip locks has been sent back to prison having being released only two days earlier.

Michael Bond, 46 of Cedars Road, London SW4 appeared in custody at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Saturday February 7.

He pleaded guilty to going equipped for burglary and was sentenced to 16 weeks imprisonment.

As Bond was only released from prison two days prior to his arrest, his probation licence has also been recalled. He will now serve the remaining one year in prison for his previous offence.

The court heard how on Friday, 6 February at approximately 4.30am officers were patrolling Bayonne Road, London W6 when they saw Bond in the front seat of a parked vehicle.

Officers spoke him and unsatisfied with the reason he gave for being out in the early hours of morning, carried out a search. They found he had two plastic 'floyds' (used to slip locks) and an Oyster Card not in his name.

Bond was arrested and later charged with going equipped for burglary.

Detective Sergeant Richard Jones said: "Bond was given the chance to mend his ways but only two days later he chose to go back to committing crimes.

"He will now be spending another term in prison and residents of Hammersmith and Fulham can be reassured that he is off our streets."


March 6, 2015