Have You Seen Young Sisters Maya and Fitia?

Urgent appeal for help finding girls who have been missing since May last year

Fitia(left) and Maya

Until May 2019, both girls, Maya, 11 and nine year-old Fitia were living with their mother in west London. Maya was attending school and the girls were each registered with a GP.

The girls have family members in the UK, France, Madagascar and Algeria.

On 25 February, The High Court considered the case of the two children who have now been missing since May 2019.

The judge, Mrs Justice Judd, said that she is ‘gravely concerned’ for the welfare of these children, given that they have been missing for so long.

The girls were spoken to by a social worker via Skype in November 2019 and appeared to be well. However, the court remains unclear as to the children’s whereabouts and the identity of the person caring for them. They have been reported missing to the Metropolitan Police.

While enquiries continue overseas – in particular in Madagascar – it is felt that the girls could be in the UK, possibly in or around London.

Maya’s father is extremely concerned for her.

The children have their own independent solicitor and children’s guardian and both professionals are keen to speak to the children and ascertain their wishes and feelings for the future.

The girls may be using different names - and one (or both) of them may be using the surname Razakarisoa.

The adult pictured above is said to have been caring for the children. Anyone with information regarding her identity is invited to come forward.

Any member of the public with any information which might help to find Maya and Fitia is asked to contact the Metropolitan Police on 07785 716 900.

March 6, 2020



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