Six New Anti-flood 'Rain Gardens' Coming to Borough  

22 sustainable drainage systems aim to future proof H&F against extreme weather

Local children visit rain garden

Children enjoy Bridget Joyce Square in White City

Six new anti-flooding 'rain gardens' are on the across our borough, adding to the 16 which have already been installed.

These gardens, or sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) are being rolled out as part of an attempt to future proof the area against extreme weather conditions.

SuDS schemes use specialist surfaces that store water and let it drain slowly over time, rather than flowing quickly into the city’s already under-strain sewer system.

SuDS schemes also help to reduce ‘urban heat island’ effect, where large swathes of concrete reflect heat, making cities warmer than rural areas.

H&F Council opened its flagship SuDS scheme, Bridget Joyce Square in White City in 2015. The innovative project later won a prestigious engineering award.

Other schemes in Shepherds Bush and Fulham have also been recognised as examples of great environmental engineering.

Rain garden on Stevenage Road, Fulham

Rain garden in Fulham's Stevenage Road

The SuDS schemes in 16 locations across the borough are in:

Australia Road (Bridget Joyce Square) - W12
Cheesemans Terrace - W14
Foxglove Street - W12
Galloway Road - W12
Goldhawk Road - W12
Kenmont Gardens - NW10
Melina Road - W12
Mendora Road - SW6
Munster Road - SW6
Overstone Road - W6
Queen Caroline Estate - W6
Rickett Street - SW6
Seagrave Road - SW6
Stevenage Road - SW6
Talgarth Road - W6
White City Estate - W12

Three more are under construction:

Eddiscombe Road - SW6
Godolphin Road - W12
Greenside Road - W12

With another three in the pipeline:

Bloemfontein and Australia Road - W12
Rostrevor Road - SW6
Wendell Road - W12

You can see a map showing all the SuDS schemes here.

"We’re taking steps to future-proof the borough against flooding as part of our work to address the climate emergency," said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for Environment.

" That’s why we’re regarded as one of London’s leading borough on SuDS.

“ These schemes have multiple benefits; not only do they relieve pressure on the historic combined sewer system, they provide opportunities for planting plants and trees that create more pleasant streets for residents and improve local biodiversity."

To find out more about SuDS schemes and other small-scale projects to help protect against flooding, read Living with Rainwater.

November 7, 2019