Look After Your Thirsty Plants this Summer

W6 Garden Centre offers advice on watering garden, pot and houseplants

Plants get just as thirsty as us in this heat, so here are a few tips on keeping your garden, pot and houseplants well hydrated:

Outdoor plants

• A long, deep watering every two or three days is far more beneficial than a light, daily water. In hot weather be generous.
• Early morning or late evening is the best time to water, as less will evaporate. Avoid watering when the sun is shining on the garden - droplets on leaves can magnify the sun's rays and scorch them.
• Water at the base of the plant to avoid getting leaves wet.
• Remember that watering washes away naturally-occurring nutrients in the soil, so the more you water, the more you need to fertilise. This is especially true of plants in pots.

Indoor plants

  • Check your houseplants every other day. Stick your finger in the soil and judge the moisture levels a couple of centimetres down.
  • Know your plants' needs - some need to be kept moist all the time, but others are more forgiving. Give us a shout if you are unsure!
  • Again, a deep watering less regularly is better than a light one everyday.
  • Don't water in direct sunlight to protect those leaves.
Feed weekly during the Spring and Summer months to replace those washed-away nutrients.

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July 7, 2017


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