White City Brothers Jailed for Firearms Offences

Nine years in jail for supplying guns to violent criminals

27-year-old Aamir Hanif and 26-year-old Yunus Hanif
Yunus Hanif and Aamir Hanif

Two brothers from White City have been jailed for over 9 years each for their part in the supply of guns to criminals in west London.

27-year-old Aamir Hanif and 26-year-old Yunus Hanif of Bentworth Road were first arrested close to their homes last August in what police describe as a pro-active operation. Shortly afterwards, three firearms, ammunition and component parts were recovered.

Sentencing took place on Wednesday, 18 December at Isleworth Crown Court, with both men having previously pleaded guilty to a number of offences.

Detective Sergeant Mark Breeze, said: “This operation successfully removed firearms from London’s streets. The evidence against the brothers was so great that they had to plead guilty.

“We will continue to work with other units across the Met to arrest those involved in violent crime, whether that be committing the crime or supplying the weapons involved.

“The Hanif brothers will today start a lengthy prison sentence, which is entirely appropriate following their actions.”

Both were sentenced to nine years and four months for conspiracy to sell or transfer a prohibited weapon and the same sentence for conspiracy to sell or transfer prohibited ammunition, to be served concurrently.

Yunus Hanif was also sentenced to:
- Seven-and-a-half months for possessing a prohibited firearm;
- 45 months for possessing ammunition without a firearm certificate;
- Three years for having an imitation firearm in a public place.

Aamir Hanif was also sentenced to six years for possession of a prohibited weapon.

All are to be served concurrently.


December 19, 2019