The Swimming Nature Difference

Personally tailored, in-water tuition to adults, children and babies

For over twenty four years, Swimming Nature has provided personally tailored, in-water tuition to adults, children and babies across the UK. Having been founded as a result of Director Eduardo Ferré's delivery of a pioneering approach to swimming lessons during the early 1990s in Kensington, today Swimming Nature has grown to become a team of talented professional swimming specialists, who all adopt this unique style of tuition.

But what makes Swimming Nature so distinctive?

•  In part, it's the philosophy which underlines the way in which the company operates. At Swimming Nature, the premise that being at one with water is a natural part of our existence, is key.

•  In order to encourage safety where water is concerned, a lifelong relationship with aquatic activities must be established from a young age. Understanding this, and taking action based on this notion, has led to Swimming Nature becoming the UK's largest independent provider of swimming tuition.

•  Swimming Nature also believes that every student should learn to swim effortlessly, and beautifully. This is achieved by primarily helping children to discover the fundamental properties of water, before they are taught any technique.

•  By dedicating the first of seven levels of the programme to learning how the body's movement is affected by water, as well as making sure that shallow water confidence is developed, children can begin to feel as though swimming is second nature.

•  Once these basic skills are acquired, kids can then progress to working on achieving flawless proficiency in four strokes, which consists of front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

•  Despite the critical essence which underscores the lessons, the sessions are nothing short of exciting and fun! Through utilising motivational material, such as a progression book with its accompanying bubble stickers, parents can be assured that their child will be captivated and entertained by the tuition they receive.

•  Children of three years and above can start lessons with Swimming Nature, whilst babies can start from three months old.

Besides this, Swimming Nature's lessons can still help you improve your swimming skills as an adult, whether you consider yourself to be a total beginner or an expert swimmer. Due to unfortunate circumstances, which typically happen at an earlier age, many adults find that they have developed a fear of water. For those who wish to conquer this, lessons with Swimming Nature can be personally tailored to focus on water confidence, and learning how to comfortably put your face in the water. At the other end of the spectrum, individuals who wish to improve their current technique can be taught strokes which are fundamentally correct, and are good for your body. Swimmers will also benefit from a psychologically therapeutic element too, as a regular session in the water acts as an incredible form of stress release and mental relaxation.

Swimming Nature's lessons for children run at Fitness First Hammersmith, W6 7HA, every Tuesday to Friday from 3pm to 6pm. Your little ones can also undertake weekly sessions on Saturdays, any time from 9am to 2pm. Alongside this, adult swimmers can take lessons on any day between Tuesday and Friday, from 6pm to 8pm. To enquire about having lessons with Swimming Nature & availability, contact them now on 0344 504 0506, or book via the website at

October 25, 2019

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