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Look After My Bills Nightmare.

To save people the agony of having to deal with a future nightmare  with Look After My Bills and Utility Point please read their horrendous reviews on Trustpilot.                                  This is an email I received from Trustpilot this week.                                                People are reading your review!Hi Neil Milkins,You recently wrote a review on Trustpilot and it looks like people find it helpful.117 people have already read your review.                                                                                                       LOOK AFTER MY BILLS SHAMBLES.It is now 12 weeks since Look After My Bills without my knowledge or permission changed my energy provider from S.S.E. to Utility Point. Jacqueline Loughman promised me 9 weeks ago that they would resolve the matter within 14 days. A week ago their senior complaints manager Daniel promised me he would phone me on (29-12-20) and have the matter resolved. No phone call and no answer to my emails to him. In the meantime I am going to have a sky high electric and gas bill when this matter is resolved. It is near impossible to get a reply from them once you have emailed and phoned them and it is totally impossible to phone Utility Point as ALL their phone lines have been cut off. I have been on the phone and emailing 19 hours in total trying to sort this mess out. Anyone thinking of going with Look After My Bills or Utility Point please check their horrendous reviews on Trustpilot.

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Roll out of 5G masts and cabinets on derelict land in Hammersmith and Fulham

Another planning application for a tall (18m) 5G mast and 3 "cabinets" has been published on the H&F planning portal:  2020/01963/TEL56The proposed site should elicit objections.This application at Hammersmith Council's Wandon Estate, North End Road, was published starting on 30th July. The consultation on an application for a different G5 mast on the Fulham Palace Road ended recently.Both of these applications are on small patches of underutilised, "derelict" land at a bend on a major road. Both pieces of land are owned by Hammersmith Council. The operator wants easy access at ground level for installation of supporting electrical equipment, so-called "cabinets".See this good explanation by Vodaphone: would prefer the masts to be sited at the top of buildings, with supporting electrical equipment either in the building or buried. But that would cost the operator more.The "cabinets" are as unsightly as the masts and together they occupy land which should be public realm and well-maintained. They should not be an eyesore for pedestrians and residents.The derelict land on which masts and cabinets are sited will attract fly-tipping and drug-dealers, i.e. illegal activities unless they are well fenced off and the grass is cut regularly. I would want to see the terms of the operator's contract with Hammersmith Council.

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