West London Free School Sets Dates for Move to Palingswick House

Pupils will transfer from Cambridge Grove in phases from September

West London Free School has set dates for moving to its permanent home in King Street's Palingswick House - four years after the school's launch in 2011.

The building, which formerly housed voluntary and community groups, was sold by Hammersmith and Fulham Council in 2011 and has stood empty until this winter, with the school split between two separate sites in Cambridge Grove and Bridge Avenue.

However, as this photo shows, renovation work is now finally taking place.

On the Hammersmith school's website, co-founder Toby Young tells parents that the school's students will move to Palingswick House in phases rather than all at once.

He says: " As you know, work got underway before Christmas and Willmott Dixon report that they are ahead of schedule.

" The plan is for 240 pupils to re-locate at the beginning of Michaelmas term, with the rest following just after Christmas.

" Willmotts are hoping they’ll be able to refurbish the lodge and the existing building by the beginning of September and, if they manage that, the plan is for the Year 10s and 11s (as they’ll be) to be the first to move over there, with the Year 8s and 9s (as they’ll be) moving to Bridge Avenue. The Year 7s will be at Cambrige Grove for one term.

" However, if the refurb isn’t finished, Willmotts will install temporary classrooms in front of Palingswick House and the Year 8s and 9s will go to Palingswick House, with the Year 10s and 11s staying in Bridge Avenue.

" But whatever happens, the whole school will relocate at the beginning of January."

The premises at Bridge Avenue, a former office block were bought last spring at a cost of over £9 million.

The Cambridge Grove site also houses West London Free School Primary which launched in 2013 and Earls Court Free School Primary, which opened in 2014 and which eventually plans to move to the as yet unbuilt Earls Court development.

In his update Toby Young also says that he West London Free School Academy Trust has embarked on a consultation about opening a third new primary school in Kensington in 2016. He adds: " That particular school would come with its own building, entirely paid for by a developer, that would be ready as soon as it opens. You can find out more about that proposal here."

You can see a presentation on the plans for West London Free School here.